It all started when…

Buzzed Coffee Truck was founded on the principle that every community in Salt Lake City should have convenient access to fair-trade, specialty coffee and espresso. Few things compare to a well-prepared coffee drink, and no coffee lover should have to settle for gas station coffee-YUCK!

Trina, Buzzed Coffee Truck’s founder and operator, has always had a passion for specialty coffee. She moved to Salt Lake’s West Side and fell in love with her neighborhood and community. The only thing not to love was the complete lack of decent coffee within a convenient distance. During this time, she experimented with different brewing methods, ratios, and brew times to create the best cup of coffee rather than settle for gas station coffee. As she became more active in her community and met more of her neighbors, she realized she wasn’t the only one yearning for a good cup of coffee in the neighborhood. The Rose Park community has been crying out for a specialty coffee shop for years.


While Trina’s ultimate dream is to open a brick-and-mortar coffee shop in her neighborhood, it was out of reach because of the sheer investment. Thus, the coffee truck concept was kicked around and researched. Nearly a year of research and planning ensued, and she realized the Salt Lake community as a whole was ready for a revolutionary coffee shop on wheels, and Buzzed Coffee Truck was born (out of an old FedEx truck). Not only is Buzzed one of the first mobile coffee shops in Salt Lake City, it is the first to serve the delicious nitro cold brew out of the revolutionary technology JoeTap. Buzzed marries the ultimate in taste, convenience, ingenuity, and quality.

Trina is trained and educated by The Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Trina is trained and educated by The Specialty Coffee Association of America, or SCAA. She is passionate about adhering to SCAA standards, continuing education for herself and employees, and educating her customers on the importance of buying fair-trade coffee, resulting in well-informed, responsible consumers. Buzzed was created as a result of lots of love and passion for great coffee. Be sure to check us out, as we think you’ll taste all of the love that has gone into this project.