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Once upon a time there was a teacher who was tired of the lack of top notch coffee in her neighborhood and the Sev *that’s the 7-eleven* was just not cutting it on the way to work and on the weekends. She knew she was passionate about her community and decided to be proactive, quit her day job, and do something about this lack of brew! This gal volunteered as tribute and opened up a mobile coffee truck in Salt Lake City. This mobile coffee truck is known as, the Buzzed Coffee Truck!

Future grand-wizard barista Trina Perez, founder of Buzzed Coffee Truck, sat down with us for episode 106. That short story above isn’t just a fairy tale! Trina told us that she saw a need in her community, did the research, and that is how Buzzed Coffee Truck came to fruition. How often do you see people do that? Not often, right? Rose Park is a small and diverse community, and unfortunately with that size came a lack of coffee shops. Odd, right? Especially with a Starbucks on what seems like every corner now days. Trina quit her day job as a teacher, bought an old Fed Ex truck, got certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, and took to the streets! Not only is she serving tasty and locally roasted coffee; she offers fair trade coffee to support Cafe Feminino, and she is passionate about local and is partnering with other local Utah artists and food innovators for pop up cafes in Rose Park!

You might not be able to order a frappuccino at her window, but we promise between the Rimini beans and the recipes they use, you will be able to find something that will become your regular drink on their menu! Oh! and no need to feel left out, non-coffee drinkers, there are drinks for you too! We highly recommend the nitro brew, the caramel macchiato, and the hot chocolate! Or you can try Trina’s three favorites; the Nitro, the Mexican Mocha, and the chai! Don’t forget to say YES to the chocolate espresso bean on top!

We hope to see Buzzed Coffee in a brick and mortar sooner than later, so go out and support her dream!

Follow Buzzed Coffee on Instagram and Facebook for their weekly schedule. You can find them on Saturdays through October on the north center area of Pioneer Park at the Downtown Salt Lake Farmers market from 8-2pm.

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